Electronics Development Services

Why choose Electrolynk?

Electrolynk understands that bringing value to your organization is why you become our customer.   Continually trying to excel and further enhance that value chain is how we will grow as your business grows.  Locally grown development and support for low-mid volume production and prototoype assembly.    Its a fundamental of Electrolynk, we have to share a vision of continual improvement and increasing value for our customers.  Contact us today for Electronics Manufacturing and Development Services.

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Electrolynk values each individual customer. We realize that customers have different needs, and we are able to deliver a product that best fits YOUR needs. From LED circuit boards to high density populations, Electrolynk provides SMT and THT PCB assembly manufacturing with local support and global reach. Contact us here, and let us develop a product that fits you.

SMT Prototype and Low Volume Circuit Board Assembly Line - USA

PCB assembly services

The core competency of Electrolynk is to build printed circuit board assemblies to your specifications.    It is our primary focus to build high quality boards that are manufactured to our customers expectations competing at price points and exceeding quality expectations. 

Full Service Supplier

Electrolynk goes above and beyond circuit board design and assembly and can support all aspects of your product needs.    Electrolynk will encapsulate, provide light assembly and manage your product assembly through ISO certified contract manufacturers.

Circuit Board Design

Electrolynk supports all aspects of the design process.  Whether you are just looking for a one-off proof of concept, an engineered prototype, or production intent design we are here to support your product development needs.   Electrolynk can create your design or modify an existing product to meet your specific needs.