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Fully automated, machine vision controlled,  high volume capable assembly lines serving low to mid volume PCB Assembly needs.  Electrolynk is a preferred source for cost competitive, high quality customer circuit board needs.   From LED circuit boards to high density populations, Electrolynk provides SMT and THT PCB assembly services.  Contact us for all your custom  printed circuit board assembly requirements!







Surface Mount Technology

High volume capability serving low-mid volume customer demands, this is where it starts!   Our SMT lines run fully autonomous, allowing high volume capacity, yet are simple enough to program to support low-mid volume runs economically.  Throughput is optimized while quality is controlled resulting in globally cost competitive low to mid-volume manufacturing.

Through Hole Technology

Through Hole Technology has historically been tackled using hand soldering for low and mid-volume production, and this is still the case for builds less than 100 units.  At Electrolynk, we process the majority of our THT processing using either Selective Solder or Robotic soldering.  We still employ high skilled soldering technicians for complex THT processing, but the more repetitive mundane THT solder joints are typically automated.  Automation in THT processing results in improved quality and reduced cost when compared to high volume hand soldering.

Potting and Finished ECU Assembly

Circuit boards which are exposed to high environmental stress, salt spray, high humidity and temperature extremes require either an epoxy potting or conformal coat.   We use highly repeatable automated meter-mix machines for controlling epoxy deposition on the boards.   Finished ECU assembly including product labeling, screen printing, machining, drilling, and adding interfaces such as external connectors is also part of typical customer support.

Supporting your Electronics Needs

Electrolynk is a Michigan based developer of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies with a global production capacity.   Electrolynk supports US based prototype and low-mid volume surface mount (SMT) circuit board assembly manufacturing in combination with global high volume electronics circuit board assembly capacity.    Creative problem solving abilities and the right engineering tools enable Electrolynk to quickly bring electronic circuit board concepts to reality.

Electrolynk has experienced extensive growth in LED lighting design and manufacturing.   Expertise in LED driver design, control sensors, and  thermal management have enabled us to develop some of the highest efficiency LED systems in the world.

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